The Savage Seas

Prologue: Last night in La Rochelle

Wherein our adventurers weather their departure from the old world.

April 20, 1660 – La Rochelle, France

La_Rochelle.JPGThe party prepares to depart for the new world, having booked passage aboard the Songbird under Captain Sebastiaan Ketter.
With the ship set to sail on the tide, they venture into the rowdy port town to seek a little fun before the grueling passage. Following a carouse, they find themselves beset by a French press gang on their way back to the ship.
A brief struggle ensues and the press gang is defeated handily. Smiling at the combined deadliness of their new companions, they continue onwards to the ship and their new lives across the sea.

Experience: 1


  • loose coins
  • 4 crude matchlock pistols
  • 4 crude small swords
  • crossbow w/ 8 quarrels
  • silver ring, set with jet.

Quote of the Night


“Not tonight slaver” – Chidu
“Look! Slavers!” – Francesca
“Hello boys” – Josette


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