The Savage Seas

S1E1 Treachery in St. Martin

Wherein our heroes discover villainy is not limited to the Old World.

June 21, 1660 – Phiilp’s Landing, St. Martin

Our heroes land at St. Martin, where an optimistic Captain Ketter looks to sell his European-made finished goods and begin his trade route. Upon arrival the crew notices the port is busy: two Dutch sloops and a merchantman are present, as well as a battle-damaged English frigate. (This last they recognize as a privateer.)
After finding rooms at the local guest house and leaving the ill Francesca to recover, the four fan out to discover their new world.

  • Eleanor inquires after her father with the traders in port.
  • Josette finds a “suitable” establishment and takes employment as a barmaid at the Rusty Hook. There she discovers much information about the colony and the owner of the English privateer – Bloody Bill Morrow.
  • Chidu and Isaak look around town for work and word of Don Ramon de Calabrano. They find little of the former, but do discover that Don Romon has a factory in San Juan. Chidu perks up – his revenge can begin soon.

Meeting back at the bar, they exchange information.

  • Chidu and Isaak make for the House of Veils, an upscale brothel, to seek out Bloody Bill, inquire after his raids against the Spanish and offer their services. This leads to a late night encounter – Bill shows up expecting some old enemy but is put at ease and willing to take on two earnest souls. He warns them that he has just returned and did not plan on sailing again until the fall.
  • Meanwhile, Eleanor meets with a dejected Captain Ketter who believes he has been a fool – the cargo he brought from the Old World is apparently worth much less than he expected. Eleanor suspects some knavery and agrees to help Ketter get the best price possible for his cargo.
During the first night, they realize quickly the town has a strong sense of order – the tavern closes two hours after dark and the patrols are out in force after dark.

In the morning, the crew meet with the agitated Captain Ketter and march to the warehouse. Along the way, Ketter is pickpocketed and the thief is run down by Chidu. Expressing his earnest thanks, Ketter leads them on to the warehouse.

Upon arriving, they are surprised – the cargo is gone! Taken that very morning with a bill of sale. Some investigation (including some effective intimidation and persuasion) leads the troupe to the conclusion that there is ring of thieves operating in St. Martin. Josette, meanwhile, serves breakfast to some very affluent Frenchmen, who boast about putting one over on a “stupid Dutchman”. When some time later the rest of the group shows up and tell Josette their story, they put two and two together and start off in pursuit of Ketter’s cargo.

Experience: 2


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