The Savage Seas

S1E2 The Intrigues of Philipsburg

Wherein our heroes discover one good turn can lead down a twisted path.

June 22, 1660 – Phiilp’s Landing, St. Martin

With Ketter insisting on accompanying the troupe for the recovery of the cargo, Josette “volunteers” to stay behind and distract him (as the good Captain is less than competent in combat). Chidu easily tracks the thieves to a small beach west of Fort Amsterdam. There the three heroes encounter a motley crew of seven smugglers. A fray ensues. Result: two dead smugglers, one incapacitated and two asleep (thanks to Chidu’s blowgun). The thieves are led by a mercenary fellow named Jean-Marc, who asks for quarter. In exchange for his parole, the crew interrogate him about his employers (a group of smugglers working for the Governor and/or his wife) and the destination of the cargo (It will be picked up by a smuggler’s vessel know as the Mongoose the following morning.). Chidu is heavily wounded, but is tended to by Eleanor.

Also part of the wagon’s load is the bound form of a Spaniard, who introduces himself as Joachim de la Vega. Before they release him they query him as to his quandry. He tells them he had been sent by his Order (the Eskatonic Order) to investigate a woman on the island known as the Black Lady, who is a supposed witch/sorcerer. Though the subject is somewhat questionable, they find the fellow easy to believe, especially after he relates that he believe the woman in question to be the Governors wife. During his investigations he was set upon and bound.

The crew reloads the cargo and heads back to town, delivering it to the _Songbird_’s wharf. They discuss what to do next; Ketter notes offhandedly that the Lady Elizabeth has an anchor spring set, which is curious as the ship is due to be careened within the week. In the end they split up.

  • Eleanor stays with Ketter and the Songbird, mostly to ensure that nothing else suspicious happens. An hour after Chidua and Isaak head into town a trio of Dutch soldiers approach the Wharf. Ketter talks with them – Eleanor knows no Dutch and can’t make out the conversation. The senior soldier (a lieutenant) apparently orders the other two to watch the dock and not let anyone leave, the runs off towards the Governor’s residence. Eleanor gets worried for her companions and attempts (unsuccessfully) to bluff her way by the guards….
  • Chidu seeks out Captain William Morrow, to get more insight into a few things, and to tell him everything that had happened. Bloody Bill seems somewhat bemused by the tale but in the end gives Chidu a cryptic instruction: “Two nights hence, find yourself near the Governor’s house. When you see the red rocket, do what you do best…” Not all is as it seems with the English privateer.
  • Isaak, meanwhile, seeks out Joachim de la Vega, in hopes of offering him passage on the Songbird. Arriving at the guesthouse, he overlooks some oddities and stumbles into a duel with a masked man. The assailant is an excellent swordsman, but a lucky shot dislodges the mask to reveal his identity: Major Cornelius Schrueder! The Major relentlessly pursues Isaak, defeating him – until the timely intervention of Josette who stabs the Major from behind. In the chaos the crowds, the pair collect Joachim and flee. Unfortunately, they are cut off from the ship…

Experience: 3
Fame: 1 (Isaak, Eleanor, Chidu) -1 (Isaak dueling an authority figure.)


  • Half the value of the returned cargo
  • A bundle of weapons: five cutlasses, a crossbow, four flintlock pistols, flintlock rifle, two hand axes.

Quote of the Night
“You give him the best blow of your life.” GM commenting on Isaak’s masterful swordplay against Major Schrueder.



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