Chidubem el Cuchillo

An ex-enforcer and ex-slave looking to avenge his family


Name: Chidubem
Age: 26
Nationality/Race: West African

Stats Skills Edges
Strength: d6 Athletics d6 Brawny
Agility: d8 Boating d4 Quick
Vigor: d8 Craft d-
Smarts: d6 Deception d-
Spirit: d6 Fighting d8
Healing d-
Traits Impress d6
Intrigue d4
Parry: 6 Investigation d- Hindrances
Charisma: 0 Knowledge d- Quirk (Hatred of Slavery)
Move: 6 Lockpicking d6 Illiterate
Toughness: 7/4 Notice d6 Loyal
Persuasion d- Outsider
Riding d-
Shooting d4
Society d-
Stealth d6
Streetwise d-
Survival d6
Armor Weapon
Location Mat AR Weapon Range Dam WT
Head: Cutlass D6+STR
Torso: Buff Coat 2 Spear 3/6/12 D6+STR
Arms: Dagger(2) 3/6/12 D4+STR
Legs: Blowgun 8/16/32 -

Weight Carried:
Weight Limit:

Languages Knowledges
West African (Fluent) Jungle
Spanish (Fluent) Cooking
French (Basic) Slavery
Fame: 1 Experience: 6
West African – Congo Area, family captured and sold into servitude to the Spanish Navy, until bought by a wealthy Nobleman where he was used as an Enforcer and Bodyguard. Transported to protect Nobleman’s son and business. Transport was sacked by British Navy, son of the nobleman was killed, Nobleman repaid the failure by killing Chidu’s family. Don Ramon Hernando del Calabrano, owner and ex-master. Joined a crew to seek wealth and revenge on those who have wronged him and his family, and his people. A small carved statue of my family, I keep their spirits close at heart to remind me of my loss and fuel my wrath.

Chidubem el Cuchillo

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