Eleanor Bailey

An English merchants daughter seeking her missing father in the New World.


Name: Eleanor (Nora) Bailey
Age: 24
Race/Nationality: English

Stats Skills Edges
Strength: d6/0 Athletics d4 Charismatic
Agility: d6/0 Boating d- Connections
Vigor: d6/0 Craft d-
Smarts: d8/+1 Deception d-
Spirit: d8/+1 Fighting d4
Healing d4
Traits Impress d-
Intrigue d4
Parry: 4 Investigation d4 Hindrances
Charisma: +2 Knowledge d6 Heroic!
Move: 6 Lockpicking d- Loyal
Toughness: 5/3 Notice d4 Vow (Find Father)
Persuasion d6
Riding d4
Shooting d6
Society d6
Stealth d4
Streetwise d6
Survival d-
Armor Weapon
Location Mat AR Weapon Range Dam WT
Head: Cutlass Melee Str+d6 4
Torso: L Ltr 1 Flintlock Pistol 5/10/20 2d6
Arms: L Ltr 1
Legs: L Ltr 1

Weight Carried:
Weight Limit:

Languages Knowledges
English (Fluent) Goods
French (Fluent) Trade Routes
Spanish (Basic) Cloth/Clothing
Portugese (Basic) Flora
Fame: 3 Experience: 5

Eleanor Bailey

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