Izaak de la Rey

Dutch Merchant/Smuggler


Name: Izaak de la Rey
Age: 24
Race: Dutch

Stats Skills Edges
Strength: d6 Athletics d- Quick Draw
Agility: d8 Boating d4 Quick
Vigor: d6 Craft d8
Smarts: d8 Deception d-
Spirit: d6 Fighting d6
Healing d-
Traits Impress d4
Intrigue d-
Parry: 5 Investigation d4 Hindrances
Charisma: 0 Knowledge d4 Curious (Major)
Move: 6 Lockpicking d- Loyal (minor)
Toughness: 5/3 Notice d4 Quirk: Freedom devotee.
Persuasion d-
Riding d-
Shooting d8
Society d4
Stealth d4
Streetwise d4
Survival d4
Armor Weapon
Location Mat AR Weapon Range Dam WT Notes
Head: Rifled Musket 15/30/60 2d8 8 2 AP, 3 Actions Reload
Torso: Leather 1 Cutlass Melee Str + d6 4
Arms: Leather 1
Legs: Leather 1

Weight Carried:
Weight Limit:

Languages Knowledges
Dutch (Native, fluent) Navigation
French (fluent) Numbers
Portuguese (basic) Shipboard Crafting
Spanish (basic) Voodoo
Fame: 0 Experience: 6


Izaak left the United Provinces as an employee of the Dutch West India Company (Geoctroyeerde Westindische Compagnie) in 1650 as an indentured apprentice. Izaac spent much of the next 7 years ashore as a clerk and soldier, mostly in Curacoa and Demerara. 7 years later he left the employ of the WIC, sailing under insert name. In the past 3 years he has seen much more of the world, making it all the way to the East Indies, but he has still yet to circumnavigate the globe.

4. A personal tragedy has happened to you recently. What was it?
His sweetheart, whom he had been saving money up to relocate to Curacao, has decided to stay in the Netherlands. She thanks Izaac for the money he sent. By the way he’s not invited to the wedding…

5. Name one person you know in the Caribbean.
Piet Giel, a “fixer” in Curacao who I knew from when I worked for the Dutch West India Company.

6. You possess one item of personal importance to yourself. What is it?
A gris-gris bag provided by a Mambo (Vodun priestess) [or Bokor (sorcerer/sorceress) provided in exchange for his assistance in aiding with the crossing from the Dutch Gold Coast. Izaac believes that it helps ward off the evil thoughts of those whom he has wronged when he worked the passage from Africa to the Caribbean on a slave ship. This is also why he no longer works for the Dutch West India Company…

He dislikes the curtailment of human freedom that slavery represents. Izaak speaks out against the institution and seeks to undermine it. He also feels remorse for his former role in the transportation of slaves.

Izaak de la Rey

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