The Savage Seas

S1E4 The Mangouste
The crew "acquires" a new ship... and new problems.

July 15, 1660 – The Wilds, St. Martin

The troupe escapes in fishing smacks and undertakes a treacherous journey through a storm to the far side of St. Martin. There they ambush Jean, Luc and Pierre, three low-ranking smugglers.
The smugglers tell them of the cruel Captain LaChance who has made harbor in a small cove on the north end of the island. There, the crew is preparing to make repairs to their ship, the Mangouste.
With the most battle-ready men in tow, the crew ambushes the smugglers den and before the villains can rally, hijacks their ship. They make for open sea.
The ship is in desperate need of careening and performs poorly at sea. Seeking a place to perform the repairs, the ship is struck by sickness (most likely from poor provisions) and the crew is forced to put ashore to find clean food and water. Fortunately, Joachim knows of a small mission nearby who might be able to provide healing….

S1E3 Pirates and Parties
Wherein our heroes plot their own escape from St. Martin.

June 27, 1660 – Phiilp’s Landing, St. Martin
After some shenanigans reuniting, the troupe holes up in an old boucanier shack a couple of miles from town. There they wait until Bloody Bill’s appointed time (June 22).
The morning of the appointed day, they descend back to town and place themselves in position to take advantage of the soon-to-be-occurring chaos. They are somewhat confused by the arrival of a Dutch ship of the line, the Pride of Rotterdam. They wonder a while if this is part of Bill’s plan until the Bess suddenly swings on her anchor and makes sail, running the cut exiting the bay at reckless speed. The frigate fires a passing broadside at the Dutch warship, putting to rest any idea this might be part of “the plan”.

The crew retreats, waiting to see what happens. Soon they observe Bill’s crew being rounded up. Some surrender, some die violently. By evening it is over.
Sneaking back into town, they crew discover Bill’s captured crew will be tried fairly and face the gallows when they are found guilty. Reasoning it will take some time to welcome the warship and prepare for the trials, the crew decides they have some time and retire to their hideout.

There they plan. Or connive. Or plot. Whatever you might call it.

The plan, in broad strokes is to free the prisoners, steal a fishing boat and flee around the island to the French village of Marigot.

That week the repeatedly sneak into town for supplies and information.
• It is discovered that a fete will be held to welcome the arrival of the Pride.
• Chidu recovers from his wounds and tells Emmanuel and Marie (of the Rusty Hook) to spread the word of the upcoming plan amongst those slaves who would be free. Those who desire it will be welcome on the boats to freedom.
• Isaak lingers with his wounds for most of the week, but then makes a sudden recovery.
• Some preparations are made: poisons and incendiaries.

The night of the Fete, Francesca and Eleanor make their way to town, where their presence is eagerly noted by the local bachelorhood. They receive invitations to that evening’s festivities at the governor’s mansion. Joachim, posing as their servant, is similarly invited. While Francesca condescends to Major Schreuder (“We must dance again after you have taken some lessons.”), Eleanor and Joachim slip upstairs. There, they avoid servants to enter Katinka’s room, where Joachim finds an artifact of dark magic: a Fathom Stone. Without explaining he begins a ritual, which seems to draw some energy into a piece of wood, which he then causes to self-combust. Downstairs, at that exact moment, Katinka begins to undergo a terrible transformation, with flesh sloughing off until she collapse into a mass of putrefying flesh. Chaos ensues.

Meanwhile, Chidu, Josette and Isaak make for town to prepare for their attempt on the blockhouse. Desiring to check on Emmanuel and Marie, they stop by the Rusty Hook and are chagrined to find Emmanuel the target (literally) of a group of soldiers who had heard him talking about a flight to freedom. Chidu takes a shot, startling the soldiers and draws them into a merry chase. Isaak takes advantage of their reduced numbers and frees Emmanuel. After they finally rendezvous, they make for the blockhouse to attempt to free the prisoners. They utilize a contact they made during their secret sojourns in town, a slave assigned to the blockhouse. Arriving late, “Mama” opens the door for them…

Experience: 1
Fame: None, but much very soon.


Quote of the Night
GM: ”Pirates are always hung”
Cam: ”They’re sometimes hanged too.”

S1E2 The Intrigues of Philipsburg
Wherein our heroes discover one good turn can lead down a twisted path.

June 22, 1660 – Phiilp’s Landing, St. Martin

With Ketter insisting on accompanying the troupe for the recovery of the cargo, Josette “volunteers” to stay behind and distract him (as the good Captain is less than competent in combat). Chidu easily tracks the thieves to a small beach west of Fort Amsterdam. There the three heroes encounter a motley crew of seven smugglers. A fray ensues. Result: two dead smugglers, one incapacitated and two asleep (thanks to Chidu’s blowgun). The thieves are led by a mercenary fellow named Jean-Marc, who asks for quarter. In exchange for his parole, the crew interrogate him about his employers (a group of smugglers working for the Governor and/or his wife) and the destination of the cargo (It will be picked up by a smuggler’s vessel know as the Mongoose the following morning.). Chidu is heavily wounded, but is tended to by Eleanor.

Also part of the wagon’s load is the bound form of a Spaniard, who introduces himself as Joachim de la Vega. Before they release him they query him as to his quandry. He tells them he had been sent by his Order (the Eskatonic Order) to investigate a woman on the island known as the Black Lady, who is a supposed witch/sorcerer. Though the subject is somewhat questionable, they find the fellow easy to believe, especially after he relates that he believe the woman in question to be the Governors wife. During his investigations he was set upon and bound.

The crew reloads the cargo and heads back to town, delivering it to the _Songbird_’s wharf. They discuss what to do next; Ketter notes offhandedly that the Lady Elizabeth has an anchor spring set, which is curious as the ship is due to be careened within the week. In the end they split up.

  • Eleanor stays with Ketter and the Songbird, mostly to ensure that nothing else suspicious happens. An hour after Chidua and Isaak head into town a trio of Dutch soldiers approach the Wharf. Ketter talks with them – Eleanor knows no Dutch and can’t make out the conversation. The senior soldier (a lieutenant) apparently orders the other two to watch the dock and not let anyone leave, the runs off towards the Governor’s residence. Eleanor gets worried for her companions and attempts (unsuccessfully) to bluff her way by the guards….
  • Chidu seeks out Captain William Morrow, to get more insight into a few things, and to tell him everything that had happened. Bloody Bill seems somewhat bemused by the tale but in the end gives Chidu a cryptic instruction: “Two nights hence, find yourself near the Governor’s house. When you see the red rocket, do what you do best…” Not all is as it seems with the English privateer.
  • Isaak, meanwhile, seeks out Joachim de la Vega, in hopes of offering him passage on the Songbird. Arriving at the guesthouse, he overlooks some oddities and stumbles into a duel with a masked man. The assailant is an excellent swordsman, but a lucky shot dislodges the mask to reveal his identity: Major Cornelius Schrueder! The Major relentlessly pursues Isaak, defeating him – until the timely intervention of Josette who stabs the Major from behind. In the chaos the crowds, the pair collect Joachim and flee. Unfortunately, they are cut off from the ship…

Experience: 3
Fame: 1 (Isaak, Eleanor, Chidu) -1 (Isaak dueling an authority figure.)


  • Half the value of the returned cargo
  • A bundle of weapons: five cutlasses, a crossbow, four flintlock pistols, flintlock rifle, two hand axes.

Quote of the Night
“You give him the best blow of your life.” GM commenting on Isaak’s masterful swordplay against Major Schrueder.

S1E1 Treachery in St. Martin
Wherein our heroes discover villainy is not limited to the Old World.

June 21, 1660 – Phiilp’s Landing, St. Martin

Our heroes land at St. Martin, where an optimistic Captain Ketter looks to sell his European-made finished goods and begin his trade route. Upon arrival the crew notices the port is busy: two Dutch sloops and a merchantman are present, as well as a battle-damaged English frigate. (This last they recognize as a privateer.)
After finding rooms at the local guest house and leaving the ill Francesca to recover, the four fan out to discover their new world.

  • Eleanor inquires after her father with the traders in port.
  • Josette finds a “suitable” establishment and takes employment as a barmaid at the Rusty Hook. There she discovers much information about the colony and the owner of the English privateer – Bloody Bill Morrow.
  • Chidu and Isaak look around town for work and word of Don Ramon de Calabrano. They find little of the former, but do discover that Don Romon has a factory in San Juan. Chidu perks up – his revenge can begin soon.

Meeting back at the bar, they exchange information.

  • Chidu and Isaak make for the House of Veils, an upscale brothel, to seek out Bloody Bill, inquire after his raids against the Spanish and offer their services. This leads to a late night encounter – Bill shows up expecting some old enemy but is put at ease and willing to take on two earnest souls. He warns them that he has just returned and did not plan on sailing again until the fall.
  • Meanwhile, Eleanor meets with a dejected Captain Ketter who believes he has been a fool – the cargo he brought from the Old World is apparently worth much less than he expected. Eleanor suspects some knavery and agrees to help Ketter get the best price possible for his cargo.
During the first night, they realize quickly the town has a strong sense of order – the tavern closes two hours after dark and the patrols are out in force after dark.

In the morning, the crew meet with the agitated Captain Ketter and march to the warehouse. Along the way, Ketter is pickpocketed and the thief is run down by Chidu. Expressing his earnest thanks, Ketter leads them on to the warehouse.

Upon arriving, they are surprised – the cargo is gone! Taken that very morning with a bill of sale. Some investigation (including some effective intimidation and persuasion) leads the troupe to the conclusion that there is ring of thieves operating in St. Martin. Josette, meanwhile, serves breakfast to some very affluent Frenchmen, who boast about putting one over on a “stupid Dutchman”. When some time later the rest of the group shows up and tell Josette their story, they put two and two together and start off in pursuit of Ketter’s cargo.

Experience: 2


Quote of the Night

Prologue: Last night in La Rochelle
Wherein our adventurers weather their departure from the old world.

April 20, 1660 – La Rochelle, France

La_Rochelle.JPGThe party prepares to depart for the new world, having booked passage aboard the Songbird under Captain Sebastiaan Ketter.
With the ship set to sail on the tide, they venture into the rowdy port town to seek a little fun before the grueling passage. Following a carouse, they find themselves beset by a French press gang on their way back to the ship.
A brief struggle ensues and the press gang is defeated handily. Smiling at the combined deadliness of their new companions, they continue onwards to the ship and their new lives across the sea.

Experience: 1


  • loose coins
  • 4 crude matchlock pistols
  • 4 crude small swords
  • crossbow w/ 8 quarrels
  • silver ring, set with jet.

Quote of the Night


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