Francesca DuFresne


Name: Francesca DuFresne
Age: ~18
Race/Nationality: French/Italian

Stats Skills Edges
Strength: d Athletics d-
Agility: d Boating d-
Vigor: d Craft d-
Smarts: d Deception d-
Spirit: d Fighting d-
Healing d-
Traits Impress d-
Intrigue d-
Parry: 4 Investigation d- Hindrances
Charisma: 0 Knowledge d-
Move: 6 Lockpicking d-
Toughness: 4/2 Notice d-
Persuasion d-
Riding d-
Shooting d-
Society d-
Stealth d-
Streetwise d-
Survival d4
Armor Weapon
Location Mat AR Weapon Range Dam WT

Weight Carried:
Weight Limit:

Languages Knowledges
Glory: 0 Experience: 0

Half French, half Italian. Father was a nobleman, Mother was a Courtesan, raised on a country estate as a Nobleman’s bastard daughter, but gently. Learned some things about being Noble, learned some things about Intrigue, Learned some things about how to hold a man’s attention.. was planned for marriage to a second or third son of a minor nobleman. Was transported. My mother was murdered, violently, in front of me. I killed her murderer and his family. Poison.
I know my Mammy (I’m so sorry, I know it’s racist, but it’s to the theme of the game and the time period), Maman Apolline, a voudoun priestess – in the Caribbean.
I possess my mother’s cameo which from my father, I took it off of her dead body.

Francesca DuFresne

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