Redford Sean "Red Sean" Wilde

A career criminal: savage, determined and bent on a life of freedom and excess.


Age: 26
Race/Nationality: English (Borderer)*

Stats Skills Edges
Strength: d8/+1 Athletics d6 Strong Willed
Agility: d6/0 Boating d6 Command
Vigor: d8/+1 Craft d- Burly
Smarts: d6/0 Deception d- Reiver (+1 to Stealth and Riding)
Spirit: d8/+1 Fighting d6
Healing d-
Traits Impress d6
Intrigue d4
Parry: 5 Investigation d- Hindrances
Charisma: 0 Knowledge d- Vengeful (Minor)
Move: 6 Lockpicking d6 Greed (Minor)
Toughness: 7/4 Notice d4 Loyal
Persuasion d- Quirk: Hates Spaniards
Riding d6
Shooting d6
Society d-
Stealth d4
Streetwise d-
Survival d4
Armor Weapon
Location Mat AR Weapon Range Dam WT
Torso: 1
Arms: 1
Legs: 1

Weight Carried:
Weight Limit:

Languages Knowledges
English (Fluent) Ambush
Gaelic (Fluent) Looting
Spanish (Basic) Pirate’s Life
French (Basic)
Fame: 0 Experience: 10

Redford Sean "Red Sean" Wilde

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