The Savage Seas

S1E4 The Mangouste

The crew "acquires" a new ship... and new problems.

July 15, 1660 – The Wilds, St. Martin

The troupe escapes in fishing smacks and undertakes a treacherous journey through a storm to the far side of St. Martin. There they ambush Jean, Luc and Pierre, three low-ranking smugglers.
The smugglers tell them of the cruel Captain LaChance who has made harbor in a small cove on the north end of the island. There, the crew is preparing to make repairs to their ship, the Mangouste.
With the most battle-ready men in tow, the crew ambushes the smugglers den and before the villains can rally, hijacks their ship. They make for open sea.
The ship is in desperate need of careening and performs poorly at sea. Seeking a place to perform the repairs, the ship is struck by sickness (most likely from poor provisions) and the crew is forced to put ashore to find clean food and water. Fortunately, Joachim knows of a small mission nearby who might be able to provide healing….



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