Escape from St Martins

After a series of adventures, the time to leave St. Martins has come.

Objective: Escape the Dutch colony of St. Martins as free men. (1 XP)
Secondary: Free Bloody Bills captured crew. (1 XP)
Secondary: Free some slaves desiring freedom. (1 XP)
Secondary: Aid Joachim on his quest before departure. (1 XP)


  • Francesca and Eleanor penetrate the Governor’s mansion, embarrass Major Schrueder and allow Joachim to perform a ritual against Katinka.
  • Chidu and Isaak save Emmanuel from Dutch soldiers.

In Progress


  • Katinka, when slain, disappeared in a black cloud. Is she dead?
  • Isaak and Chidu both recognized by Dutch soldiers. Soon to be wanted?


Escape from St Martins

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