Purloined Cargo

Sebastiaan Ketter has his cargo stolen from the Assizement Warehouse.

Objective: Discover who stole Sebastiaans cargo and seize it back.


  • The troupe investigates the warehouse and discovers the cargo was released by teamsters (who helped the perpatrators load it onto wagons. The lead teamster reveals this is an infrequent happening, to less important captains. He also reveals perpetrators are French.
  • Meanwhile, Josette serves a group of eight hungry Frenchmen, who reveal they are carrying a cargo of some value and reveal freshly minted coins. They implicate Major Schrueder in thievery.
  • The group sets off in pursuit of the perfidious Frenchmen, who are headed west , out of town.
  • The group overcomes the Frenchmen and recover the cargo. Much information is learned._
  • The cargo is returned to Ketter who promptly begins to reload it onto the Songbird.


  • Completed, but with complications. (Those who arranged for the theft know the cargo was returned, and who did it.)


  • Major Schrueder involved in some villainous activity.
  • Katinka van Veldt and Jakob van Veldt similarly involved.
  • Clues to a smuggler’s nest operating out of a bay on the north part of Saint Martin, led by a Captain LaChance abord the Mongoose.


Purloined Cargo

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